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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Timothy Olyphant wear a hat in just justified?

Justified is a well-done series and unlike anything else on TV. Timothy Olyphant is perfect for the lead role as US Marshall Raylan Givens. I noticed that they installed the hat band with the buckle on the wrong side in the first episode. The band was ordered loose and was installed by them.

What is Timothy Olyphant hiding under his hat?

But under his hat, Timothy Olyphant is hiding some deep, dark secrets. No, not really. In reality, the former nationally-ranked swimmer and secret latte artist is a favorite among colleagues and audiences alike. He has a dry, endearing take on life that covers everything from stand-up comedy to room-service breakfast food.

What's so great about Timothy Olyphant?

As a former fine arts major who almost missed out on taking the commercial arts route, Olyphant brings a certain sensibility to everything he does — at one point, he compared Willie Mae's fried chicken to "a groundbreaking film or piece of artwork."

Does Timothy Olyphant have a girlfriend?

In fact, Olyphant got the perfect opportunity to combine marriage and Santa Clarita Diet when he and co-star Drew Barrymore helped a fan of the series propose to his girlfriend. When something matters to Olyphant, he commits unconditionally. How unconditionally?

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