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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the twelve Titans names?

The Titans and the Giants or Gigantes were born from the union of Gaia and her son Uranus and were the first born of the immortals. The names of the first generation of 12 Titans were: Male Titans: Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Cronus, Crius and Iapetus. Female Titanides: Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea and Themis.

Who are the Greek gods and Titans?

The Titans were the deities in Greek mythology that preceded the Olympians. They were the children of the primordial deities Uranus (heaven) and Gaea (earth). The Titans included Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Theia, Coeus, Phoebe, Cronus, Rhea, Mnemosyne, Themis, Crius and Iapetus.

How many children did the Titans have?

Children on the Titanic. Home » Titanic Passengers and Crew » Children on the Titanic. There were 126 children, aged 14 or under on the Titanic, but this number excludes several unborn babies, most of whom survived. 60 children died in the disaster. This page Lists of all the children that were on the Titanic.

What is a mythical Titan?

Titan, in Greek religion and mythology, one of 12 primeval deities. The female Titan is also called Titaness. The Titans—six sons and six daughters—were the children of Uranus and Gaea. They were Kronos, Iapetus, Hyperion, Oceanus, Coeus, Creus, Theia, Rhea, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Tethys, and Themis.

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