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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Titans of CNC?

The TITANS of CNC: Academy Tool Kits contain advanced carbide tooling by Kennametal that will help you to build each series with precise accuracy and complete confidence. These kits reduce costs for education programs by tens of thousands of dollars and allows students to become comfortable and confident with each fundamental tool.

How do I order Academy tool kits and components?

The Tool Kits can be expanded and upgraded as educators and students progress through each series. To order order Academy Tool Kits and components, find your Authorized Kennametal Distributor below.

What is the best free CNC manufacturing education program?

TITANS of CNC Academy Kit. This Academy is the biggest free CNC manufacturing educational program ever developed with 1000s of projects, how-to and inspirational videos, and past episodes available on line.

What is the Titan rocket series?

The TITAN ROCKET Series is an educational build series designed for lathes. The objective of this ten part series is to teach students how to design, program, and complete parts that meet print specifications. Read the TITAN ROCKET Series Curriculum Outline for process notes and resources.

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