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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shop Titans of CNC?

Shop TITANS of CNC – Titans of CNC Grow your CNC manufacturing business with the tools you need to succeed, including air filtration, inspection, safety, tooling, workholding, and more. These are proven products trusted by the Titans of CNC team from leading brands like Haimer, Kennametal, LNS, Mitutoyo, Schunk, and more.

How do I join a CNC tooling group?

Advanced carbide tooling for CNC Mills and Lathes, by Kennametal. Our worldwide network of TITANS is here to support you on your path to Greatness! To join a group, simply zoom and navigate the map to your desired location, select a pin to learn more about the group, and follow the instructions to sign up. Don't see a group in your area?

Who is Team Titan?

Team Titan is a powerhouse of knowledge, problem-solving, and communication. Our engineers, designers, modelers, machine operators, finishing, and fulfillment team members have decades of combined experience dealing with the unique pressure of crafting the most difficult high-tolerance parts.

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