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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Titans of CNC Academy?

See why thousands of aerospace, automotive, sub-sea, and other world-class companies have turned to the TITANS of CNC: Academy for education resources and professional development for many of their engineers, designers, and machine operators. "Titans of CNC Academy is one of the best places to learn CAD/CAM."

What brands do Titans of CNC use?

These are proven products trusted by the Titans of CNC team from leading brands like Haimer, Kennametal, LNS, Mitutoyo, Schunk, and more. Grow your CNC manufacturing business with the tools you need to succeed, including air filtration, inspection, safety, tooling, workholding, and more.

Why join the CNC Academy?

Join (or host) hands-on CNC training that lifts up your community. Join thousands of manufacturing professionals and students, in this uniquely supportive environment. Discuss personal projects and connect with other members, anywhere in the world.

Why choose targettormach for your CNC machine?

Tormach's exclusive CNC controller gets you cutting sooner. Improve G-Code on the fly. Powerful conversational programming lets you tweak programs and keep moving forward. If it's available, it's included. We eliminated the headaches of costly upgrades or a la carte pricing that holds advanced features behind a paywall.

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