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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CNC factory?

CNC Factory is making CNC automation happen for small shops to large factories across America. Built with a no-compromise philosophy it’s our goal to help our customers achieve more in less time with superior output in product quality, reduced labor and opportunity.

What is CNC Tech?

PERFORMANCE. CNC TECH. INC., is a contract manufacturer of high-performance parts for demanding medical applications, including implants, instruments, handpieces and components. We have decades of expertise in every aspect of high-precision, high-volume manufacturing, with specialties in CNC milling, turning and cutter grinding of surgical-grade materials.

What is CNC service?

CNC Services is a company with a strong background in servicing and building CNC machinery. Customers have been quick to see that this combination has provided them with the technical backup and support they require in today’s competitive market.

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