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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work at TNG?

Every person who works for TNG is a trained employee, a colleague and a team member—not a contractor or day laborer. All 2,000+ of us. Committing ourselves to our company and to each other means we can deliver better service, greater value and more smile-worthy experiences for our customers—and yours.

Why choose TNG for field services?

TNG constantly updates our field staff’s technology to improve real-time data access and mobility compliance. Does TNG offer sub-hour rates? Yes, we offer sub-hour rates for syndicated visits and specifically approved dedicated visits. Our Mission

What type of technology does TNG use?

What type of technology does TNG use? We have developed our own proprietary web-based application which includes: Dashboard reporting and picture capabilities. Additionally we use Facebook’s Workplace as our key portal for communicating programs and creating community with our field.

What do you get when you convert to TNG merchandising?

Here’s what you’ll get when you convert to TNG merchandising: Dedication: Our merchandisers are our employees (not independent contractors). Experience: We service 4,000 mass grocery, drugstore, and discount retailers across the country. Frequency: Our merchandisers execute more than 400,000 store assignments per year.

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