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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work at TNG?

Every person who works for TNG is a trained employee, a colleague and a team member—not a contractor or day laborer. All 2,000+ of us. Committing ourselves to our company and to each other means we can deliver better service, greater value and more smile-worthy experiences for our customers—and yours.

Who is the TNG family?

The TNG Family. We run on relationships. We are partners, colleagues, and coworkers, not contractors. Interested in being a merchandiser in Canada? If this sounds like you, please view the opportunities below and click the apply button.

How many truckloads does TNG move?

110+ YEARS AGO, we brought our first wagonload of newspapers to newsstands. Today, team TNG, along with its logistics providers Prologix and Acculogix, moves 280,000+ TRUCKLOADS of goods annually. We move product across cities, across provinces and across the country ~ onto shelves and into shopping carts across Canada.

How many people use Touch ‘n Go RFID in Malaysia?

Skip the queue, save time at the toll and join our 1.4 million Touch ‘n Go RFID users on the road. Connect to the world around you and enjoy a better way to pay when you use your Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Join millions of Malaysians who tap Touch ‘n Go eWallet everywhere they go.

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