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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes stock to drop?

Stock prices can drop for various reasons, and sometimes the decline is caused by a combination of factors. Those can include newly released earnings reports, negative company news, and changes in implicit value, explicit value and supply and demand for the stock. Public companies release earnings reports four times a year (quarterly).

Why is the stock market going down?

A stock market decline, due to a recession or an exogenous event , can put many investing tenets, such as risk tolerance and diversification, to the test. If your reason is mistrust, it's important to remember that the market is cyclical and stocks going down is inevitable, but a downturn is temporary.

What to do about stock market decline?

What Should You Do During a Stock Market Decline? Stay Calm. At times like these, it's important to put current conditions into perspective. ... Play Dead. There's an old saying that the best thing to do when you meet a bear market is the same as if you were to meet a bear in ... Remember That Your Portfolio is Diversified. ... Speak With Your Advisor. ... We're Here for Your Friends and Family. ...

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