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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a TodoList in react with VSCode?

Type this in your VSCode terminal to start react: Remove the logo img, App.css, and App.js contents except for a basic form. Create TodoList.js and css files in the component folder. In TodoList.js, set the working interface using ‘rfce’ that is shortcut for the functional component. And import css file.

How to add Todos in react hooks?

We will use setTodos and will use React.useState which is enabled by React Hooks. Next, we move to the part of adding todos. We will define an addTodo function and will define a newTodos which would take the todos list and append the new todo’s text to the list using the spread operator.

Should I create a separate component for the items in TodoList?

It is a good idea to create a seperate component for the items in the Todo list, as they actually are seperate components. The Todo component basically returns a list item with the todo passed down as a prop from the map () function in the TodoList component. Note how we keep the key attribute at the same level as before.

How do I map an array of Todos in react?

Inside the unordered list we call the map () function on our array of todos. The map () function returns a new array with a listitem for every todo in the todos list. Note: The "key" attribute we have added to the listitem is required when creating lists of elements. They help React identify which items have been chanegd, added or removed.

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