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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the internal parts of a toilet?

The parts of an AquaSource toilet typically include internal equipment such as filler float, flush valve, filler float, siphon tube, and overflow tube, along with external equipment including bowl, tank, handle, and rim. The job of the internal parts of AquaSource toilets is to create the siphon.

How do you replace toilet parts?

Insert the threads of the fill valve through the hole at the bottom of the tank. Screw the fill-valve nut onto the fill valve. Hand-tighten the nut with your fingers to secure the valve in the tank. Attach the supply line to the fill valve beneath the fill-valve nut. Tighten the supply line with the adjustable wrench.

What are the parts inside the toilet tank called?

Inside the toilet tank are moving parts. There is the internal part of the flushing lever, attached to a chain. Following the chain down to the base of the toilet tank you will find a sizable black stopper called the flapper.

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