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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QQ and how does it work?

QQ is a complete messaging and social application that brings its users a ton of useful features. QQ is an application built by a company known as Tencent that happens to be one of the biggest Internet companies in the world. It’s a complete suite that gathers a lot of functions under the same roof, even if some of them might seem strange to pair.

Why can’t I sign in to qqmail?

Your browser does not support or has already prohibited cookies, so unable to sign in as usual. Please Enable Cookie and try it again. You are attempting to log in a Tencent website. Do you want to authorize the following account to sign in QQMail. It is case insensitive.

What is the origin of the Q key in gaming?

Another theory, however, claims qq originated from players of the 1995–96 computer game Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness by Blizzard Entertainment. In that game, a player could quit a game, as out of rage or frustration, with a keyboard shortcut: holding the Ctrl key and hitting the Q key ( quit) twice.

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