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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Menards toilet?

This is an economical option for three-phase waterless unit with 2.6 GPF sensor at drain outlet. The best toilet of menards is called Vegas. Vegas keeps your outlet areas clean but it also has a feature that no other purchases at the store - automatic bidet spray technology.

What size toilet do I Need?

Any toilet over 16-1/8 inches will meet any ADA requirements. Taller toilet bowls are also more comfortable for the taller members of your family or may be easier for getting up and down for those recovering from injury and the aging population.

Does Lowes sell round toilets?

A: At Lowe’s, we carry hundreds of toilets under $200 from trusted brands like American Standard, Project Source and Mansfield. Choosing the best toilet largely depends on your preferences on specific features including bowl shape, bowl height, flush type and other factors. Q: What is the difference between a round toilet and an elongated toilet?

How much does a toilet cost?

Toilet prices range from $99 to more than $1,000. A toilet in the middle of the range may have a slow-close lid, while a toilet at the high end of the range, like a smart toilet, may offer features such as a lid that opens automatically or a self-cleaning bidet.

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