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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of toilet do they use in China?

Chinese-Style Toilets Chinese toilets are normally squat style, which admittedly take some getting used to. However, comfort yourself in the knowledge that using a squat toilet means you don't touch anything and you don’t have to cover the toilet seat with paper before you can sit down.

Do toilets in China have squat toilets?

Toilets in China can be a challenge for visitors, especially the common squat style (it may help to keep in mind that they're actually healthier for the body.) On trains and in some restaurants and hotels, you will find the option of Western-style seated toilets or squat style.

What do Chinese people think about Western toilets?

Many Chinese people think public western toilets are disgusting – just think about how many butts have touched it before yours! It’s honestly not the butts you should worry about but the feet. Since many Chinese people think western toilets are dirty, they will proceed to climb onto the seat and squat just like using a regular Chinese toilet.

Are public toilets in China Dirty?

Don’t get me wrong, a public Chinese toilet is often still a dirty public toilet, like it is anywhere in the world, but China may surprise you. In this article, we’re going to cover:

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