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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fix a toilet?

On average, it will cost from $45 to $197 to repair a toilet yourself or between $130 and $310 to have professional repairs done by a plumber. The hourly charge for a plumbing contractor is $72 to $82, which does not include parts or materials.

How do you fix a broken toilet?

How to Fix a Broken Chain in a Toilet Tank. Flush the toilet manually to drain the water from the tank. When a toilet flushes, the flush lever pulls the chain to lift the flapper valve at the bottom of the tank, releasing the water. Lift the valve by hand, or with the broken chain if it's still connected to the flapper,...

How do you fix toilet problems?

Repair a toilet with flushing problems by cleaning out the holes under the rim. Use the end of a wire coathanger to ream out the holes, and then dissolve the scale using a toilet-bowl lime remover....

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