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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Toyota Castrol Tom's Supra (JGTC) '00?

As a Standard car, the Toyota Castrol TOM'S SUPRA (JGTC) '00 can be purchased from the Used Car Dealership for 729,289 Credits. It is a Level 18 car. This car can be purchased for 750,000 Credits.

Is a Tom's supra worth it?

But for a TOM'S Supra super-fan, it just might be worth it. A TOM'S Castrol Toyota Supra won both the JGTC GT500 class drivers' championship and team championship in 1997, but the TOM'S Supra was less successful the following year.

Is the Toyota Supra a real car in Gran Turismo?

The real-life racing success of the Castrol TOM’S Toyota Supra has led to this mighty muscle car becoming an icon of virtual reality competition in the hands of millions of Gran Turismo Sony PlayStation game players.

What year did Toyota stop making the supra?

Castrol and Toyota parted ways in 2001. That year, a Supra beat both Honda, Nissan, and McLaren to win. The Supra won four championships total.

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