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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you delete toolbars on Firefox?

Steps Bring up Firefox. Click on Tools, located in the top left side of your screen. Click on Add Ons. Go to Extensions. Select the toolbar you would like to delete. Click Uninstall. Restart Firefox.

Why did my toolbar disappeared?

Causes: Clean Screen is toggled on. The ribbon is accidentally turned off or set to auto-hide. Toolbars are accidentally turned off. AutoCAD workspace has not been selected or has changed. Incomplete or faulty AutoCAD installation. CAP 2020 changed workspace settings after being installed. Addition of 3rd party add-on.

How do you fix Firefox?

Open a new Firefox window. Click on the "Tools" menu located at the top of your browser. Select "Options" then "Content" from the top of the dialog box. Move your pointer to the box next to the "Block pop-up windows" if there is no check there then click on the box. Click on "Ok." to close the window.

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