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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you view toolbar in word?

Adding a Custom Toolbar to Word 2003 Select "Toolbars" from the "View" menu. Select "Customize" from the "Toolbars" submenu. Click the "Toolbars" tab, then click "New.". Enter a name for your new toolbar in the "Toolbar Name" box. Select the place to store the toolbar in the "Make toolbar available to" box.

Why does my search bar keep disappearing?

Fix: Windows 10 Search Bar Missing from Taskbar Method 1: Enable the Search Bar From Cortana's Settings. ... Method 2: Disable the Tablet Mode. ... Method 3: Disable the Use of Small Taskbar Buttons. ... Method 4: Set Up a Local User. ... Method 5: Enable Search Box Via Registry Editor. ... Method 6: Disable Cortana Via Registry Editor. ... Method 7: Turn On Taskbar For All Displays. ... More items...

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