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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of a toolbar in a computer?

A toolbar is a pre-arranged list of command "buttons" for a computer program. These buttons, and the toolbar itself, are usually shortcuts that allow the user to control programming functions without searching through a list of commands. Computer operating systems also include toolbars, usually at the top or bottom of the screen.

Where are toolbars on this computer?

A toolbar is a menu of options and functions located on a program window, typically found below the title bar and menu bar. Toolbars have functionality unique to the program they are found in. Early on in computer development, this bar was called the "ribbon," similar to a typewriter ribbon.

What is a toolbar on a computer screen?

In computer interface design, a toolbar (originally known as ribbon) is a graphical control element on which on-screen buttons, icons, menus, or other input or output elements are placed. Toolbars are seen in many types of software such as office suites, graphics editors and web browsers.

What is formatting toolbar of a computer?

The formatting toolbar is a toolbar in Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel that gives the user the ability to change the formatting of selected text.

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