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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TradeStation a good trading platform?

TradeStation is a US-based trading platform that offers a diverse range of markets. This includes everything from stocks and ETFs to options, futures, and even cryptocurrencies. With TradeStation claiming that it offers super-low fees and top-rated customer support – we sought to review the platform from top to bottom.

What is the best news feed on TradeStation?

TradeStation review - Research - Charting TradeStation offers a high-quality news feed. It can be found under the 'Market Insights' section of the public TradeStation website, as well as on the trading platforms. At Market Insights, news is categorized based on products and sectors.

How do I connect TradeStation to my main account?

This TradeStation review found that the app connects seamlessly to your main account - as it does between desktop and web trading platforms. All you need to do is download the app by clicking on the iOS or Android logo and then log in with your TradeStation credentials.

Where can I find market commentary in TradeStation?

TradeStation's in-house market commentary, called TradeStation Market Insights, is available on the desktop platform and website and is updated throughout the trading day. There is limited third-party research built into the TradeStation platforms, but you can subscribe to tools and research through the TradingApp Store.

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