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Frequently Asked Questions

Is training peaks free?

Training Peaks is available as both a free application and a paid plan. An athlete can create a free Training Peaks account, or pay for a plan. The website is sleek and professional, and doesn’t bombard you with paid plans initially. In fact, Training Peaks seems eager to show you what they can do for free.

What is TrainingPeaks premium?

Our science-backed analytics are powerful enough to be trusted by the world’s best and personalized enough to help every athlete. Train efficiently and effectively using TrainingPeaks Premium to analyze your workouts and track your progress. Train with confidence and reach your start line strong.

How to use the analysis of training peaks?

If you want to use the analysis of Training Peaks, you need to have something to track. The first option is to upload a workout from other fitness apps, and this option is available for free and premium accounts. However, you may prefer a workout more supported by Training Peaks.

Is trainerroad better than TrainingPeaks?

It offers an impressive number of tools, customisable charts and features, but it's currently missing an accompanying app to allow analysis on the fly. TrainerRoad is more expensive than TrainingPeaks at £153.70 for 12 months, has some great workout-building functionality, and is built around training plans.

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