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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best online translation tool?

6 Best Online Translation Tools Google Translator. Most translators are already familiar with features of Google Translate. ... Yandex Translate. One of the major competitors of Google Translate, Yandex Translate can translate in 94 different languages. iTranslate. ... Bing Translator. ... Linguee. ... The Free Dictionary. ...

How do I install Microsoft Translator?

To install Microsoft Translator download the installer from the Microsoft website and execute it on a local computer system. Make sure Microsoft Office is closed during the installation. The installer will then add Microsoft Translator as the default Office translator automatically for the languages that are supported by it.

Which translator is better?

Both Google Translate and Bing Translate come with their own perks. Each app can be of great help for you depending on your circumstances. Bing might be a better option for a seamless conversation, while Google is a great pick for someone looking to cover as many languages as possible.

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