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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I lower my bilirubin?

To lower bilirubin levels, you should drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, eat fruits and vegetables, and increase your fiber intake. High bilirubin levels often indicate poor liver health, and in addition to getting checked out by a doctor, you can make these natural lifestyle changes to help lower bilirubin and improve liver function.

How is elevated bilirubin diagnosed?

Doctors usually use blood tests to measure the amount of bilirubin in the body. Blood tests can also help find the cause of high bilirubin levels. Read on to learn more about elevated bilirubin, including how doctors diagnose and treat it. What is elevated bilirubin?

What is the treatment for high bilirubin levels in infants?

Infants may need phototherapy, which helps the liver break down bilirubin using a special type of blue-green light, to treat their high bilirubin levels. An exchange transfusion, which involves removing the blood through a thin plastic tube and replacing it with blood from a suitable donor, may also be necessary.

What happens if you don't seek treatment for elevated bilirubin?

For adults, failure to seek treatment for elevated bilirubin levels could result in serious complications, such as: 1 Encephalopathy 2 Increased bleeding and slower clotting time 3 Infection, which could lead to sepsis 4 Kidney failure 5 Liver failure More ...

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