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Frequently Asked Questions

How long for tennis elbow to heal on its own?

For most people, tennis elbow usually takes between six months and two years to heal. Additionally, there is a very less chance that tennis elbow may return after recovery. The acute phase of tennis elbow takes around 3 weeks or less to recover, whereas recovery of the chronic cases of tennis elbow takes more than 4 weeks.

What is tennis elbow and how is it treated?

Treatment of tennis elbow is conservative and usually involves rest, wearing a forearm brace, and taking an anti-inflammatory medication. Most patients with tennis elbow are between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. Tennis elbow affects an equal number of men and women and occurs in the dominant arm in about 75% of people.

What is tennis elbow and how do I treat it?

Acupuncture treatments have shown to be quite effective in treating tennis elbow. I would suggest receiving acupuncture treatment twice per week for four weeks. Physical therapy or occupational therapy, which may employ massage techniques, stretching exercises ( Nirschl exercises ), moist heat, ultrasound, ice packs, or iontophoresis.

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