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Frequently Asked Questions

Is trendspider better than TradingView?

While TrendSpider is pricier, the added cost is reasonable, considering that it’s one of the only platforms that offers reliable AI-based chart annotation. TradingView and TrendSpider are at the top of the market when it comes to technical analysis software.

What are trendspider alerts?

The TrendSpider alerts are not your average price alerts you find in some platforms. In fact many of the options are closer to scan conditions. In the example above I have also used a candlestick pattern as an alert trigger. You can also add multi-timeframe parameters (including intraday).

What are trendspider's Trendlines and Heatmaps?

Just like the trendlines, Trendspider also has automated heatmaps, which highlight strong support and resistance areas. In the example above, you can see Intel breaking out on high volume, after finding support at a level highlighted by the heatmap. We can even combine TrendSpider’s automated trendlines and heatmaps for even more powerful analysis.

Can trendspider software find candlestick patterns on a chart?

Yes, the TrendSpider software can also find candlestick patterns on a chart for you, accurately. I have come across many charting software that claim to have pattern recognition, but fail miserably or are mediocre at best.

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