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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tripmasters and how does it work?

Tripmasters offers many pre-built itineraries to each destination. They curate and recommend hotels, transportation and activities in each itinerary. However, for the travelers who enjoy planning their own perfect trip, Tripmasters can help. They offer fully customizable itineraries.

Who is tritripmasters for?

Tripmasters caters to everyone from the budget-conscious and luxurious traveler. You’re able to have full control over what you want to do, and decide what parts of the trip are worth spending more or less on. This makes it great for travelers of any age and interest. Your trip is entirely up to you.

Are you unhappy with tripmasters?

Very unhappy with tripMasters we have used them for several trips and were always very happy. We booked a trip to 2 Islands in Hawaii, we ended up postponing the trip because #1 the governor of Hawaii pleaded with tourists to not come. #2 my husband was very sick and unable to travel at the time.

What happened to tripmasters’ Peru trip?

In the fall of 2019, we booked a trip to Peru for four people to be taken in May 2020. Due to the outbreak of Covid, TripMasters canceled that trip. We advised them that we would like to reschedule for a future date, so for the next 18 months we heard from them periodically to tell us that they were still working on rebooking our trip.

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