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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good multiple choice question?

Writing Good Multiple Choice Test Questions. A multiple choice item consists of a problem, known as the stem, and a list of suggested solutions, known as alternatives. The alternatives consist of one correct or best alternative, which is the answer, and incorrect or inferior alternatives, known as distractors.

What is trivia quiz?

Articles on online trivia games and word trivia quizzes. Trivia is a quizzing game involving the knowledge of obscure facts. These facts can be of a general nature, with subjects such as history, geography, science, and entertainment or can be based on a very specific area of interest.

How to write amazing multiple choice questions?

Part 2 of 4: Forming Appropriate Questions Use precise wording. Your questions, or stems, should use accurate words so that students know exactly what is being asked of them. Be intentional with the question structure. Multiple choice questions vary greatly in structure. ... Make sure your questions match your learning objectives. ... Incorporate different learning styles. ...

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