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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you file taxes for free with TurboTax?

It is possible to file for free through TurboTax — but there are a slew of requirements you must meet. For example, TurboTax Free Edition, TurboTax Live Basic, and TurboTax Live Full Service Basic are all free right now — if your return is simple.

Does TurboTax have free filing?

The most popular way to file Federal and State taxes free is the TurboTax Free Edition. In fact, TurboTax claims that an average of over 10 million taxpayers (students, low income, seniors, etc.) use the Free Edition every year. ( source) However, we must emphasize that the Free Edition is for simple tax returns only.

How do I download TurboTax from Amazon?

Go to your orders on amazon then see your turbo tax order. In the right hand corner it says of order “order details” push that it will take you to your turbo tax order and there it has a button that says “go to your software library” push that. It will let you download and there is a license number there. BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN THAT NUMBER.

Is TurboTax no longer free?

TurboTax is no longer available as an IRS Free File option. But there are still ways to file taxes for free with TurboTax in 2022.

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