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Frequently Asked Questions

Where have UFOs been spotted above Long Island?

Residents all over Long Island have reported UFO sightings to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) for decades. It seems little green men like visiting Long Island beaches as much as everyone else. Reports have been sighted from West Hempstead to Hampton Bays .

Are the UFO sightings real?

There are even odd sightings of flying humanoids, a phenomenon believed to be attached to UFO visitation. Some UFO sightings can be explained as misidentified real-world aircraft, or even flocks of geese or other high-flying birds. Others are due to odd tricks of light or other natural anomalies.

How many UFO sightings?

"There have been nearly 150 sightings. Eighty of the sightings were detected with some of the best technology the world has ever seen. We can't rule out something that is otherworldly, but that's a very small percentage," Carson said, noting it's "curious" that most of the Navy pilot UFO sightings occurred near U.S. military bases or installations.

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