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Frequently Asked Questions

What does unfiltered mean?

The term "unfiltered" is the direct opposite of filtered and refers to wines that do not undergo the usual filtration process that involves removing small particles or solids, as well as for imparting a clearer final appearance.

What is the difference between an unfiltered and filter beer?

Unfiltered beer is in its rustic form and could be said to be incomplete or unfinished beer. It is just like in a brewed state. Whereas, filtered beer is a type of beer that passes through the cleaning process to remove yeast and remains of hops, barley, or malt after the brewing procedure.

What is another word for unfiltered?

From the Synonyms for unfiltered include crude, raw, coarse, natural, unprocessed, unrefined, untreated, unprepared, basic and organic.

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