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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Unity?

Go to the Download Unity! site. Click Download Unity Hub. If you are using a Windows machine, go to (i) Installing the Unity Hub on Windows. If you are using a macOS machine, go to (ii) Installing the Unity Hub on macOS. (i) Installing the Unity Hub on Windows. Click the UnityHubSetup.exe file.

What can you do with the WWW class in Unity?

The WWW class can be used to send both GET and POST requests to the server. The WWW class will use GET by default and POST if you supply a postData parameter. See Also: WWWForm for a way to build valid form data for the postData parameter.

What are the benefits of using Unity?

Unity is powerful engine that is great for creating games. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Is also very functional and allows developers create games without having know any programming languages. It also has great support for both developers and gamers. It is fairly priced for what you are getting.

What is the Unity Web Request?

UnityWebRequest handles the flow of HTTP communication with web servers. To download and upload data, use DownloadHandler and UploadHandler respectively. UnityWebRequest includes static utility functions that return UnityWebRequest instances configured for common use cases.

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