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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my camera driver?

Connect the camera to your computer, right click My Computer and select Properties. Select Hardware, then click Device Manager. Locate your camera. Choose the drivers tab and click on the Update button. Select the have disk button and browse your CD Rom for the software or your computer in case you have downloaded it.

How do I update my webcam driver?

To manually update Webcam Drivers. Before attempting to manually update Drivers it is important to take a full system backup in case of any issues. After completing a backup you will need to browse to the Device Manager (in XP follow the instructions below): Go to Control Panel. Select System. Click on the Hardware tab.

Why is my camera not working on my laptop?

Sometimes the HP laptop built-in webcam does not work. Most likely, it is not a hardware problem unless the built-in camera is broken. With most laptop computers,it is a problem with the webcam configuration or a device driver problem. To solve HP laptop built-in webcam configuration problem, check the settings of the webcam.

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