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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the 2018 MLB playoffs?

The playoffs began Oct. 2 with the NL wild-card game, followed by the AL wild-card game on Oct. 3. Now, it's down to the Dodgers, who repeated as NL champs, vs. the Red Sox in the 2018 World Series. This year's World Series will begin Oct. 23. Here's a look at the full schedule for the 2018 MLB playoffs with times, teams and results. *If necessary.

What is the 2018 College World Series?

The 2018 College World Series field is set after the completion of the NCAA baseball super regionals. Oregon State, North Carolina, Washington, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Texas, Texas Tech and Florida will battle it out in Omaha, Neb., for the college baseball crown.

How many teams are left at the 2018 Little League World Series?

There are only four teams left standing at the 2018 Little League World Series, and Saturday's games will decide who plays for the title. The international and United States finals are both rematches from earlier at this year's tournament.

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