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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for MyChart as a guest?

Sign up for MyChart today! Leave this page and create a MyChart account before paying. Continue paying as a guest and skip creating an account. Want to use a saved credit card or bank account? Log in to your MyChart account! Leave this page and sign in to your MyChart account before paying.

How do I contact upstate University Hospital about my bill?

If you have a question about your University Hospital bill, please contact us at (315) 464-4320 or 1-800-766-1539. Please direct your inquiries regarding additional bills to the appropriate offices: Upstate University Hospital participates with several commercial and HMO insurance plans.

How do I view my billing statement or email MyChart?

Sign in to myChart You can view your billing statement, all your account activity, or send customer service an email by logging into your myChart account. Sign up for myChart Want to save your credit card or bank account for next time?

What is a a visit account in MyChart?

A visit account is how your charges are grouped together to bill insurance, and usually represents your billing activity for a single visit. You may have multiple visit accounts, each with their own balance. Need help? Sign in to MyChart Want to use a saved credit card or bank account?

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