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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a monthly Employment Report?

Employment Situation Report: A monthly report compiling a set of surveys in an attempt to monitor the labor market. The Employment Situation Report, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by ...

How many jobs are in the US?

The number of full-time employees in the United States has increased by almost 30 million people since 1991. In 1990, there were 98.67 million full-time employees which had increased to 127.16 million employees in 2021. After the recession, the number of full-time employees dropped and part-time employment increased significantly.

What is the latest unemployment rate?

Unemployment stayed above 14% for nine years between 1931 and 1940. 9 The unemployment rate reached a record of 24.8% in 1933 after a few years of increasing. April 2020's unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.7% in only one month.

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