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Frequently Asked Questions

What can dice symbolize?

Dice in a dream represent your capability of taking decisions and the way you imply yourself in something. It represents firmness, determination, courage, and risk-taking. It shows that you base yourself on adventure. Remember, however, that the force of chance is more powerful than your own force.

What is dice stand for?

This is a great insurance policy to save you time and money if you anticipate multiple projects in the next 12 months. DICE Insurance stands for and covers: Documentaries, Industrial, Commercial, Educational Films. It also covers Music Videos and Short Subjects.

What does the dice represent?

Each dice Represents one digit of binary number. For example, one dice has 0, one dice has 1, the other has 1, then the number will be 011b means 3 in decimal. The 3rd reaction is now triggered to be open or launched. Each dice may have three different colors like RGB.

What is the history of dice?

History of Dice: Native American Games in North America. Dice were carved from antler or bone or the pits of fruit. Traditional Native American games often involved throwing the dice into a bowl, like in a game known to some as Hubbubb. Native Americans also used decorative, 4 sided stick dice in their games. Native American gaming included a wide variety of different types of games.

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