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Frequently Asked Questions

What is heavy usage index in marketing?

Heavy usage index: The ratio that compares the average consumption of products in a category by customers of a given brand with the average consumption of products in that category by all customers for the category. The heavy usage index can be calculated on the basis of unit or dollar inputs.

What is a market index?

What is a Market Index? A market index is a metric that tracks the performance of a group of stocks. Some indices are designed to indicate the overall performance of the market, while others follow a particular sector. How Does a Market Index Work?

How to get index usage information in SQL Server?

How to get index usage information in SQL Server. 1 user_seeks - number of index seeks. 2 user_scans- number of index scans. 3 user_lookups - number of index lookups. 4 user_updates - number of insert, update or delete operations SELECT OBJECT_NAME(S. [OBJECT_ID]) AS [OBJECT NAME], I. [NAME] AS [INDEX ...

What is the use of the Index view?

This function gives you information about insert, update and delete operations that occur on a particular index. In addition, this view also offers data about locking, latching and access methods. There are several columns that are returned from this view, but these are some of the more interesting columns:

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