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Frequently Asked Questions

How many usage indicators can I assign to a sale order?

If you have an answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the page instead. In OVA4, you can create as many Usage Indicators as you can and assigned to either sale order type (Field Name ABRVW) in VOV8 or in sale order (Field Name VKAUS).

How to determine the item category for a sales document?

Item category is determined automatically by the system based on the following criteria: Item category = Sales Document type + Item category group (in material master) + Usage indicator (ABAP) + High Level I.Cat. It can be changed manually (if configured). Sales Document types are configured at:

What are the special stock indicators E and Q?

For the special stock indicators E and Q and for purchase orders assigned to an account, you must ensure that the quantity is not posted to the stock in transit of the receiving plant. See also: 351, 643 This movement is generated by SD.

How do I enter goods movements for sales order stock?

Goods movements for sales order stock are entered as follows: Other goods receipts, goods issues, transfer postings: Enter the relevant movement type with the special stock indicator E and the sales order number and item. Transfer to own stock:

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