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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the context parameters and the usageidentifierkey used for?

As a bonus, we're also setting some context parameters and the usageIdentifierKey . The usageIdentifierKey can be used to apply usage limits from within the API gateway system. Both of these additions are optional and only the policyDocument and principalId are required.

How to use header-sourced API keys or authorizer-returned API keys?

Depending on the API key source type you choose, use one of the following procedures to use header-sourced API keys or authorizer-returned API keys in method invocation: Create an API with desired API methods. And deploy the API to a stage. Create a new usage plan or choose an existing one. Add the deployed API stage to the usage plan.

How does the Lambda authorizer return the usageidentifierkey?

If the API uses a usage plan (the apiKeySource is set to AUTHORIZER ), the Lambda authorizer function must return one of the usage plan's API keys as the usageIdentifierKey property value. The following shows an example of this output.

How can I track usage for specific users through API keys?

A common feature requested by customers is the ability to track usage for specific users or services through API keys. API Gateway REST APIs support this feature and, for added security, require that the API key resides in a header or an authorizer. Developers may also need to pass API keys in the query string parameters.

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