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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a USB connector manager driver?

A USB Connector Manager Driver is required for Windows to manage the USB Type-C ports on a system. The bring-up tasks for a USB Connector Manager driver depend on the driver that you choose for the USB Type-C ports: The Microsoft in-box UCSI (UcmUcsiCx.sys and UcmUcsiAcpiClient.sys) driver, a UcmCx client driver, or a UcmTcpciCx client driver.

How do I enable a USB Type-C connector?

To enable a USB Type-C connector on a system, you must write the client driver. Install the latest Windows Driver Kit (WDK) on your development computer. The kit has the required header files and libraries for writing a UCM client driver, specifically, you'll need: The stub library, (UcmCxstub.lib).

What is tier grade USB C Hub?

Supports PD charging at max 100W, Tier grade USB C hub allows to charge the newest MacBook/Pro/Air or other devices compatible with PD 3. 0/2. 0 protocol. [Incredibly-compact & Ready to go] - Tiergrade USB C hub unlock the potential of your Type-C laptop. Sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to carry on.

What are the features of USB Type-C?

Supports other protocols like DisplayPort and Thunderbolt over USB Type-C. Introduces USB Billboard device class to provide error notifications for Alternate Modes. USB Type-C connector is reversible and symmetric. The main component are: the USB Type-C connector and its port or PD controller that manages the CC pin logic for the connector.

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