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Frequently Asked Questions

What instrument does the baritone sound most like?

Does a baritone sound like a trombone? (Generally speaking, this means that the trombone will have a brighter tone than the baritone/euphonium.) But in terms of range, the two instruments are pretty similar, and the baritone can certainly play the trombone part.

How to use baritone in a sentence?

the second-lowest musical pitch, used to describe a male singing voice between tenor and bass Singer Elvis Presley is best known for his gyrating hips and deep baritone voice. The music teacher showed the students a low-pitched instrument called the baritone horn.

Can a baritone be tuned like tenor?

Yes, the audio has a Pono Baritone tuned GCEA like a tenor. The 2 outer strings are Ko’olau Alohi. .029 & .028. Here is a link by the two savarez classical guitar strings. The C Savarez 529R and E Savarez 528r It’s been a while but we used to stock these Savarez strings. We will pick them up again soon.

Do baritone have the same fingering as alto saxophone?

Yes, although some Bari's have an extra low-A key beneath the upper thumb rest. I played soprano, alto, and bari for high school and college. While the fingerings are the same, the embouchures and diaphragm support needed between the horns can be quite different.

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