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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UTC stand for?

UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time, a standard used to set all time zones around the world. So, for instance, New York City is in the time zone UTC minus five, meaning that it is 5 hours...

Does UTC observe daylight saving time?

UTC has no DST because it serves as a constant frame of reference in which other time zones are relative. Take note that Coordinated Universal Time does not change with a change of seasons. However, its local time or civil time can vary depending on the time zone jurisdiction.

Where is UTC time zone?

UTC time zone means precisely the same imaginary line defined by the GMT on the Prime Meridian, located at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The official time standard regulating the world's time and clocks is called Coordinated Universal Time, Universal Time Coordinated, Universal Coordinated Time or UTC.

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