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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the V100 Mandello a Moto Guzzi?

Even at a glance, there is no doubt that the V100 Mandello is a Moto Guzzi, but it's an all-new animal from the ground up. Milagro The team decided that this new engine would power a sport-tourer, although the designers like to think of this bike as a roadster with fairings.

Is the V100 Mandello ready for production?

The first impression was that the bike looked like anything other than a prototype; the immaculate paint and overall fit and finish seemed to indicate that the V100 Mandello is extremely close to being ready for production.

What is Mandello del Lario?

Mandello del Lario is famous for breathtaking views and motorcycles with strangely mounted motors. The transverse V-twin is a Moto Guzzi trademark, the epochal engine elevating the niche manufacturer into a realm occupied by no one else. The transverse V-twin is more Guzzi than the pushrod V-twin is Harley.

Is the Mandello better than the Guzzi?

With its shorter engine the Mandello is sportier and more agile than previous Guzzis and thanks to its long swingarm and low pivot point there’s little up/down shaft drive pitching on and off the throttle.

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