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Frequently Asked Questions

What is learning style assessment?

Popular Learning Style Inventories. The computerized assessment allows students to discover their learning style and also provides information on how educators can use this information to best serve students as well as possible strategies for accommodating different learning styles.

What are Vark learning styles?

VARK learning styles theory is designed to describe how four distinct types of learners process information. Based upon the VAK (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) model of learning, VARK learning styles theory was pioneered in 1987 by Neil Fleming.

Who developed the VAK learning styles?

The VAK Learning Styles Model was developed by psychologists in the 1920s to classify the most common ways that people learn. According to the model, most of us prefer to learn in one of three ways: visual, auditory or kinesthetic (although, in practice, we generally "mix and match" these three styles).

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