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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change your name in valorant?

2021 Chaning your display name in Valorant is quite simply, and doesn't require you to spend any in-game cash like some other online games. The change can be made via your Riot Account. Log in to your Riot Account and head to the tab that reads 'Riot ID.'

How to change nickname valorant?

How to change your name in Valorant. Step 1: Log out of the Valorant client. Step 2: Log into your account through Riot Games website. Step 3: Under ‘Riot Account Management,’ change your Riot ID and Tagline. Step 4: Click save changes.

Can you change valorant username?

When you know what you're doing, changing your name in Valorant is super easy. If you've been looking to change it within the Settings menu of Valorant itself, that's where you're going wrong. In order to change your name in Valorant, you will need to alter your Riot ID name entirely.

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