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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good Valspar gray paint colors for a home?

This is probably my favorite gray in the Valspar line. Notre Dame is the perfect depth – not too light, not too dark and has a very subtle undertone, it’s just a soft, subtle, slightly cool gray that has just a hint of cool green undertone. Not cold and icy, just cool tones.

What are some tips for choosing the perfect gray paint color?

Choose a color card on which a certain shade of gray catches your eye. Choose a card with a gray color scale (not a single color, but with 5-6 shades). If you’re having trouble finding an old drawing, look for the Little Greene Gray trading card. When you look at the lighter tones, you see blues/greens etc, the tones are not that simple.

What are the benefits of painting with a gray color?

Elegant and balanced, this color works well with natural elements and accents to create a cohesive and comfortable look. This gray with hints of red undertones lets us shift the mood, making our spaces feel dependable and comforting.

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