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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valspar® paint?

Valspar ® has all the stuff you need to get the job done right. With high-quality interior and exterior paints, durable stains and precision products, every brushstroke goes on right, dries right and lasts for years. Our vast selection of colors ensures you’ll find the right look for your next project.

Do you need a primer for Valspar paint?

Some Valspar paints are self-priming, eliminating the need to use a separate primer. If you’re Valspar painting over an oil-based Valspar paint with a latex Valspar paint, you’ll need to use a primer since latex, which is water-based, won’t adhere.

Does Lowe’s sell semi gloss paint?

With Lowe’s selection of interior paint, you can choose the right shade and finish for your design vision. If you want your paint color to have a sheen, look for semi-gloss and gloss options to add that touch of shine to your space. These finishes are great for children’s rooms or door trim.

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