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Frequently Asked Questions

What color is Valspar paint Sailor blue?

Valspar Paint Sailor Blue 296c92 Hex Color Code The hexadecimal color code 296c92 is a medium dark shade of cyan-blue. In the RGB color model 3d4f94 is comprised of 2392 red 3098 green and 5804 blue.

Does Valspar color names vary by retailer?

Our color names vary by retailer, please select your preferred retailer below. At Valspar, we believe that every time you walk into a room, it should feel right. So if the first color you choose isn’t perfect, we’ll replace it for free.

What is Valspar reserve paint?

Valspar® Reserve® is the most durable, long-lasting, fade-resistant paint we make. With Advanced Water Beading Technology, Valspar® Defense™ is our most cutting-edge exterior one-coat paint and primer and your home’s first line of defense against the roughest of elements. Scroll back in time to see the colors that defined 2022.

What color is Cafe Blue at Valspar?

View Cafe Blue and our wide array of colors at Valspar. With Europes biggest range of pre-selected colours Valspar has countless combinations just waiting to be created. Valspar suggests using it in a palette with blue-grays and navy. The hexadecimal color code 3b91cd is a shade of cyan-blue. The hexadecimal color code 3d4f94 is a shade of blue.

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