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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different kinds of variations?

Variation. Variation may be classified according to the causes, nature, and character of the variability and also according to the purposes and methods of research. The following types of variation are distinguished: genetic variation (genotypic) and nongenetic variation (paratypic), individual and group variation,...

What are different types of variation?

There are two main types of variation namely, Environmental variation and genetic variation. Environmental variation. This refers to differences amongst organisms of the same species due to the different factors of the environment they are exposed to.

What are the advantages of variation?

The advantages of variation are as follows : It provides basis of evolution It helps in maintaining life even in adverse conditions, as some individuals having variation can even survive in adverse environment. So, natural selection will result in survival of the species having variation which makes it better than others.

What are the characteristics of variation?

Variation (linguistics) Variation is a characteristic of language: there is more than one way of saying the same thing. Speakers may vary pronunciation ( accent ), word choice ( lexicon ), or morphology and syntax (sometimes called " grammar "). But while the diversity of variation is great, there seem to be boundaries on variation – speakers do...

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