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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vats decortication procedure?

Decortication is a surgical procedure done in the thoracic region to remove a fibrous tissue that abnormally forms and grows on the surface of the lung, chest wall or diaphragm.

What is average thoracotomy recovery time?

The thoracotomy wound should heal within 2 months, and the pain will gradually decrease over this time. In some cases, nerves become damaged during surgery. This may cause ongoing pain and is called post-thoracotomy pain syndrome.

What to expect after lobectomy?

After your lobectomy, you will go through a recovery period in the hospital and then at home. During this period you will be weaned from the ventilator, have your chest tube removed, and begin to resume eating and drinking.

What to expect during recovery after colon cancer surgery?

Recovery From Colorectal Cancer Surgery. When you wake up from colorectal cancer surgery, you will be in a recovery room. You will have an oxygen mask covering your nose and mouth. This mask delivers a cool mist of oxygen that helps eliminate the remaining anesthesia from your system and soothes your throat.

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